Important Information
Please bring the following with you:
* Driver's License- Always bring your driver's license and the license number of all parties to be named on the title. If you do not have a Maryland driver’s license, call ahead so we can advise you what to bring so that we may get a Soundex number for you. This can be done on the spot during normal MVA hours; otherwise you may have to wait until the next day. You may already have a Soundex number if you have a registered vehicle in Maryland. You can look on the registration for that vehicle to obtain your Soundex number. 
* Change of Address- Please bring it to our attention if you have a change of address. 
* Title- Titles must be original documents only. Copies are not acceptable. If the vehicle had a lien on it, please provide proof that the lien has been paid off by bringing the lien release or an original signed letter from the lender. This letter must state your name, the vehicles identification number, year, make and the date of the lien release.
* Inspection Certificate- Vehicles must have a Maryland safety inspection. Exceptions include ambulances, funeral vehicles, historic vehicles, street rods or when vehicles are transferred between a parent and child. Inspections must be no more than 60 days old and mileage must be within 1000 miles of the mileage at the time of inspection.
* Gift- When a gift is between family members and names differ, proof of the family relationship is required. 
* Insurance- Please bring your insurance information with you. This includes the insurance company name and policy number. You will also need the agents name if you are getting tags. No insurance is necessary for trailers.
* Registration card- Please bring the registration card for the vehicle (if possible) if you are transferring tags. The vehicle must be the same class to transfer tags.
* Bill of sale- A notarized bill of sale is required on all vehicles 7 years old or newer. Notary services can be provided by our office. All parties to the signature must be present. The bill of sale from a licensed dealer need not be notarized.   


If you have any questions about what to bring with you, please feel free to call us! 

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